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    These revolutionary new battery-free bike lights are powered by a patent-pending technology that takes advantage of eddy currents generated by the rotating aluminum rim on your bike. Ahem…come again?

    Eddy currents are a common phenomenon that appears when a changing magnetic field is induced within a conductive material such as aluminum. These eddies have their own magnetic field, which can cause repulsive or attractive effects in non-magnetic but conductive materials. Pretty sweet, huh?

    Or, as I prefer to explain it to myself, these magical bike lights work without magnets like conventional battery-free bike lights. Whenever the aluminum rim passes by the bike light, voila, lights on.

    This super-special technology is the first friction-free dynamo powered bike light system ever, so if you are striving to be at the forefront of technology, this is the bike light for you. Your friends will think you’re awesome.

    And no, unfortunately, they don’t work with carbon rims because carbon isn't able to conduct an electric current.