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    Nowadays the term road bike covers a very wide group of bikes when it comes to pricing. Chances are, that if you own a high-end full carbon bike, you're not too keen on adding extra weight in terms of lights on your bike - right?  

    However, if carrying an extra 100 gram doesn't scare you away, I can recommend adding a pair of the lights you see below. I have them on my own road bike and I love that they are always on when I bike without the need for me to think about recharging batteries.

    They do not require any magnets on the wheels, as they are powered by the rim passing the light. However, if you went all in and bought those super nice carbon rims you've been wanting so long instead of aluminum rims, I cannot help you become battery-free. 

    If extra weight is not a concern compared to your safety, you can basically mount all the lights you see in the "City Bikes & Others" collection but it might bring down your street credit in the bike club a bit :-)

    If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help. Just send me a message or give me a call.