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    My name is Lars Rannes. I am Danish, and I have been living in Canada for more than 4 years.
    When I moved to Canada from Europe, I noticed that a great number of bicycles didn’t have lights on, and if they did, the lights were not very functional. Knowing that one bicyclist is killed on Canadian roads every week, I realized there must be a possible correlation between the missing bike lights and the number of fatalities. 
    I decided to find out if my assumption of the correlation was correct and more importantly, what I could do to change those numbers.
    Will more bike lights actually mean fewer fatalities?




    During my search for good preventive measures, I came across a study from a Danish university, one carried out more than 10 years ago. In short, the study showed that the risk of being involved in an accident while riding your bicycle can be reduced more than 30% by having lights on DAY and NIGHT. In other words, installing bicycle lights AND using them, not only after dark but during the day as well, could be the solution I sought to reduce the number of fatalities.

    Learning this was a real breakthrough. I decided to start this website - bikelight.ca.

    The goal of the website is to provide information about the importance of having bike lights on all the time and to offer bike lights that can be used with ease during every bike ride, day or night. However, I soon found out that using conventional bicycle lights, i.e., battery-operated ones, day and night was a hassle, as one would have to either replace or recharge the batteries very often.

    In my search for a feasible and sustainable solution, I reached out to the manufacturer Reelight, which had provided bicycle lights for the Danish study. They were interested in helping me bring their bicycle lights to Canada.

    The bicycle lights from Reelight are one of a kind, as they are battery-free and self-powered. They are permanently mounted on your bicycle, so whenever you go for a bike ride, day or night, you will always have lights on. There are no batteries to be recharged or replaced.


    My goal is to raise awareness of the importance of having lights on your bicycle, day as well as night, and to provide you with some great products to accomplish this. 

    I will be very happy to provide you with more information about the bike lights and/or the before-mentioned study, and I sincerely hope that we together can make the roads of Canada a lot safer for bicyclists.

    When you purchase your bike lights from me, you will get:

    • High-quality, battery-free, self-powered bike lights
    • Lights on 24/7 – always keeping you visible
    • Excellent customer service, from the moment you decide to become safer in traffic  to the moment you receive your shipment and beyond

    Bike lights may seem like something small, considering all we have to deal with in life. And yet, it’s the details that make the difference. The innovative, award-winning bicycle lights you find on this website can truly contribute to your safety and to the peace of the ones you love. 


    BIKELIGHT.CA is created with the many North American bicycle riders in mind, as staying safe in the traffic should be a priority to anyone who commutes by bicycle or use their bicycle otherwise frequently.

    Most bike riders find it a hassle to bring bike cycle lights when they leave home during the daytime, and to make sure that they don't run out of battery when it is needed the most. Making sure that you have fully charged batteries and functional bike lights in excellent operational condition should be easy - not a burden.

    My promise to you is that this can and will be easier and a lot safer if you team up with me.

    BIKELIGHT.CA take the pain out of being "enlightened" and bring convenience, readiness and safety into your life on two wheels by offering an outstanding assortment of innovative, high quality and long lasting bike lights.

    Backed by a well-known Danish bike lights manufacturer and second-to-none customer service I will make you and your safety on two wheels my priority.

    Since I personally have been commuting to work by bicycle all year round and have been an avid road bike rider as well for many years, I know what to expect from great bicycle lights.

    BIKELIGHT.CA is offering lights for use in the city and on the country road.