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    Think about this....

    Imagine you could lower the risk of getting into a traffic accident, while riding your bicycle, by more than 30%.

    Would that be of any interest to you? 

    Well, actually you can. 

    Permanent light on bicycles reduces accidents significantly

    In many countries cars have been required to have daylight running lights since more than 25 years and this have proven to reduce accidents involving cars, so why shouldn't the same apply to other vehicles on the road as well, like bicycles as an example, ? 

    A large-scale study performed by a Danish University, where 2000 cyclists had daylight running light fitted on their bicycles, showed that the cyclists who had lights on 24/7 had 32% fewer accidents than the control group on average and up to 40% fewer accidents during the summer season.

    Amazing news - Bring out the lights.

    The right lights for the job

    Unless replacing or recharging batteries is a preferred spare time hobby to you, you'll need more than the a battery operated type in order to have lights on your bicycle all the time, 

    For that very reason, bikelight.ca is proud to offer you self-powered bike lights. They operates completely without batteries and they are turned on permanently making sure that you and your loved ones are safe while riding your bicycles.

    These innovative bike lights generates power without any friction and they make sure that: 

    • you will never forget to bring the bike lights as they are permanently mounted to the bicycle
    • you will never run out of power since they have no batteries, 
    • you don't produce waste in terms of old batteries